Why Choose Us?

Successfully treating acne is our mission. We have no medical doctors on staff, yet, according to an independent survey that was done in 2007, we clear the acne of over 90 percent of our clients within six months’ time.

Here is how Face Reality Acne Clinic treats acne successfully:

  •  We give our clients a strict home care and treatment plan.

  • We follow up to make sure they are being compliant with the protocol.

  • We educate our clients on lifestyle issues, drugs/medications, and comedogenic ingredients.

  • We assign a home care regimen according to skin type, severity of acne and skin tolerance.

  • We have our clients start slowly with products and get more aggressive as the skin adapts.

  • We coach our clients on the next steps in their home care – a crucial difference in getting clear.

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Just A Few Of Our Client Testimonials

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Having suffered from severe inflamed acne for several years, I began to accept the fact that my skin would never be clear. Surprisingly, after several treatments at Face Reality my skin cleared up dramatically. Face Reality delivered results to my skin that surpassed my expectations. In the last 7 years, my skin has never been better.

Andrew C.
Salida, CA

Within two to three weeks we noticed a huge change. The inflammation was going down and with treatments every two weeks my daughter Sarah’s skin really did start to clear. What amazes me is that Sarah has been to dermatologists since she was in junior high school. The last time she went in, the doctor said he did not know what to do, they had tried it all. Well, Sarah walked down the aisle on her wedding day acne free, thanks to Face Reality!

Sue N.

Best place for acne! I have done every treatment there is and they give the best results. The staff really cares about you. Whenever you have a question you can always call or email them. They go over every detail, not just products and treatments, but your lifestyle and other factors that would cause or prevent acne. For someone that’s suffered with acne for so long this place is the ultimate answer.

Christina G.

Listen to me people! I have tried EVERYTHING! Dermatologists, Proactive, Murad, the $100 creams at the expensive spas, over the counter, under the counter, homeopathic, diet change, fasting, countless facials from countless estheticians, flown around the world and back. I am telling you, Face Reality is IT! They have done their research. They go to all the conferences. They get right to it, handle the mess and voila… it’s a done deal!

Melissa B.

I’m eager to see my results, so far I have noticed a dramatic improvement and I only went there once. I also love the fact that they will extract for me!! I’ve been to several places and no one has ever done extractions for me, which is why I tried to do it myself and I ended up with marks. Do yourself a favor and go!!!!

Ash P.

Face Reality rocks. If you have acne and are sick of it, don’t bother with other “miracle” products and treatments, just go to Face Reality and do what they tell you to do. I was shocked when I saw results with them after 2 weeks.

Amy H.

I’m finally clear; like you-never-would’ve-guessed-I-struggled-with-acne-­all-my-life type of clear. But it’s very important that you follow their instructions and stick to your custom regimen. During the initial appointment, they assess you and give you a list of things to avoid. I found this extremely helpful because I didn’t realize I was using products that could make my acne worse; things you wouldn’t even think about like certain shampoos, laundry detergents and fabric softeners. It’s totally worth it!

Alyssa R.

This place is pretty much what I hoped and wished, but didn’t think ACTUALLY existed. A place that would help me get control over my acne without an unbelievable expense, a place with estheticians I could trust to actually know what they are talking about, (and if you have ever had a facial elsewhere then YOU know what I am talking about!!) a place where positive results are guaranteed.

Erika S.