I feel compelled to mention the enormous contribution made by Dr. James Fulton toward improving the understanding and treatment of acne. Anyone who is serious about treating acne should read his book, Acne Rx.  His contributions traverse the realms of research, discovery, treating and teaching.  He was the co-developer of retin A, patented topical vitamin A propionate, stabilized benzoyl peroxide for use in treating acne, and has written dozens of medical papers on the subject of acne.  Twenty years ago, through my own research, I came across Dr. Fulton’s work.  I read his book, watched his DVDs, attended his seminars and studied with him.  Dr. Fulton formulated acne and skin rejuvenation products for Vivant Pharmaceuticals, LLC. Many of these products cannot be gotten anywhere else.  I value, dearly, his mentoring and friendship and hope that he receives the recognition that he deserves for the contributions that he has made.

-Laura Cooksey


Below is a list of suppliers and their products and service that we utilize, who have proven to be helpful and professional. If you should decide to utilize them, we hope that you get the same results. Face Reality receives no benefit by mentioning them on our website; we just want to share.

Threshold Enterprises, Ltd. – Dr. Paul Goff (800) 777-5677 X6364
They supply us with: Source Naturals “Optizinc” and Arctic Pure Omega 3 Fish Oil. – (877) 646-3300
They supply us with: round end extractors sizes “0” & “00”. Found on their website listed as Sklar Merit Buck Ear Curette “0” and “00”.

Mineralogie Mineral Makeup – (972) 620-2818
Great mineral makeup that you can either buy premixed or in bulk for custom-blending. It is an SPF 26 and has incredible coverage for hyperpigmentation and acneic skin. They also have great customer service.

Aura Reseach West – (800) 582-6464
They carry oxygen emulsion products. These are good to use when your client is allergic to benzoyl peroxide.  The item we order is AO2% Oily Skin.
Email Aura

My extraction magnifying lens
Edroy 103 Magni-Focuser HEADBAND MAGNIFIER 1-3/4X, 14″ FOCAL DISTANCE, 3 DIOPTER. They are sold in many online stores on the internet, just Google them.

Halina-Andre Enzymes – (888) 231-3949
The enzymes that we use in our Acne Hydrating Treatment are Soulager (for sensitive skin) and Enzyme Performing Masque for all others. You will also need to order the Pre-Masque lotion.