Face Reality has made its professional online training course available for purchase to skincare professionals for $325. You can view the introduction to the course below and read a detailed description of the Face Reality method.

Offer for US only, we do not ship our products outside of the US.


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Skincare Professionals

Most skincare professionals experience the frustration, embarrassment and sorrow for failing to help their acne clients. We can change that. When you’ve been trained in our modality, you will have the necessary tools to get your acne clients clear and we will provide you with the necessary support until you become a confident acne expert. You’ll feel a tremendous sense of gratification knowing that you are having a profound effect and improving the lives of people in your community. Your success at treating acne will gain you a reputation which will generate more business.

Training and Certification

Our training course teaches you the Face Reality Method for clearing acne, using Face Reality products.  We include precise and detailed instructions on how to:

  1. Assess the type of acne your client has
  2. Test your clients’ skin so you can give them the right home care products
  3. Treat your clients’ skin with the most effective acne treatments
  4. And most importantly, counsel your clients on their home care protocol

After you have studied the course, you can become Face Reality Certified* when:

  1. you pass the online test
  2. provide us with copies of your:
    • esthetics license
    • business license or resale certificate
    • liability insurance for yourself or the establishment for whom you work
    • CA Reseller license (if your business is in California)

(*Note:  There is only one certification issued per training purchased.)

This will qualify you to:

  1. purchase our products at wholesale price
  2. get support for your challenging clients from our wholesale manager and staff
  3. be invited to participate in our exclusive closed Face Reality Acne Specialists Facebook group where veteran acne specialists weigh in on all things acne-related
  4. be included in our database of Certified Acne Specialists to be referred to acne clients looking to be treated by someone local to them (restrictions apply)
  5. be invited to Advanced Training Classes for Certified Face Reality Specialists

When you become proficient at implementing our modality, over 90% of your acne clients who are compliant, will get clear. The gratitude that you receive will validate your career choice; and besides all this, your business will grow as a result of the reputation that you will have earned.

Clinic Forms

In addition to the training course, supplemental documentation is available with copies of the forms that we use in our clinic; questionnaire, consent form, consultation forms, client information packet, treatment notes, etc. These forms took us years to develop and refine; all you have to do is print them out with your business name and you’ll be capable of operating with the same level of professionalism as Face Reality Acne Clinic.

Acne Products

Laura Cooksey and the Face Reality staff have spent many years doing research and clinical trials in order to develop a great line of peels and home care products designed for every kind of acne and skin type. These products are very well formulated and are the very best available for treating acne, yet they are quite reasonably priced. However, we continue to do research in an attempt to improve the process. When you become Face Reality certified we keep you informed of all new information and developments in acne protocol.

Our Mission

We are confident that our modality is the most effective way to treat acne. We have clients all around the country that ask us to open a clinic in their area. However, we have concluded that the most effective way for us to help as many acne sufferers as possible, is to train you and give you the tools to get them clear.

Internet Sales Policy:
We do have certain restrictions about selling our products on the internet. However, they are the same restrictions that we impose upon ourselves. In order to protect the public and the Face Reality reputation, we do not allow our active products to be sold, indiscriminately on the internet. Therefore, you may only sell Face Reality cleansers, toners, sunscreens, emulsions and moisturizers to anyone on the internet. Violation of this policy may prevent you from retaining Face Reality Certified status. We hope that you understand the wisdom of this policy.

Using Face Reality’s protocol and products has grown my business by leaps and bounds; in the skincare business during this recession; it’s astounding.  Not only do I have double the clientele but they are HAPPY clientele because this protocol truly produces results.  How rewarding it is to educate clients about their acne in a way no one else has ever done before.  Clients arrive with bagfuls of prescriptions and products which means that they’ve already wasted lots of money on modalities that didn’t work.  So, when I get them clear, their loyalty is cemented!  Laura and Face Reality Skin Care has given me incredible confidence in myself as an Esthetician which, in turn, helps me restore the confidence of those suffering with the disease of acne.  What a great job I now have!


Trisha Tortolani
Trisha Tortolani Skin Care, Napa, CA

I just want to give some praise: As I type I am moved to tears as to what Face Reality has done for my clients. Girls and their self-esteem are super important to me as I am a mom of a daughter that struggled with Acne. I became very knowledgeable about acne before becoming FR Certified because of my daughter, but teaming up with FR in my profession has put my business on the map.

Sandra Downie
Sandra Downie Skin Spa and Acne Clinic, Glastonbury, CT

I’ve been a licensed esthetician for over thirty years and have a very successful practice. I brought in the Face Reality line three years ago and it is by far one of my best business decisions I’ve made thus far. I still do alot of other types of facials but I’ve never sold a product line that my client s will NOT run out of EVER. Can’t keep it on the shelves. Not to mention the client satisfaction. It is so gratifying to help people clear up after years of going to derms, using meds, etc. Just real happy! What else can I say?

Mary Helm
Mary Helm Skin Care, Santa Barbara, CA

Without the Face Reality training, I would not have a business. And I have a thriving business that has weathered the great recession just fine. The education, both from the course and on-going from the groups Laura sponsors, and her FR Certified ongoing training, will allow you to treat acne successfully. And there will always be acne. People don’t regard taking care of it as a luxury the way they do a facial. And as more and more insurance companies are not covering acne treatments from the derm, we are becoming the go-to answer all across the country. The products are reasonably priced, so you can work with all levels of the socioeconomic spectrum if you so choose. You don’t have to be one of the many many esthies trying to lure the few rich folks to your table. Treating acne is one of the most soul-satisfying things you can do in this world because you literally change lives. Everyone talks about that, but you can really do it.

Jane Dudik
The Acne Treatment Center, Vancouver, WA

Working with the Face Reality products and protocols has taken my Acne treatments to a whole new level of care. Laura has pulled back the curtain on the ‘true cause’ of Acne and defined a proven method of helping Estheticians clear clients successfully. The addition rapport of exchanging ideas with others in a private group helps everyone learn on daily basis. I feel like we are team: Face Reality is the BEST ACNE system I have worked with.

Robbi Chamberlain
Love Your Skin, Olympia, WA

I got certified with Face Reality a year and a half ago. I was unsuccessfully treating acne until I did. Now the results are amazing!! I get hugs and kisses from so many satisfied clients all the time now. Their products are amazing and are 80% of the results so long that the client is compliant. I say get certified with them the cost for the DVD for the certification is extremely inexpensive for the worth of knowledge you receive and they are always available to help you. They also have a Facebook forum where everyone is willing to share information and help.

Kellie Campbell-Bacchus
Advanced Skin Treatments, Albany, NY

My first acne client, when she came in for her final treatment, laid down on the table and told me she was having a particularly hard week (single mom, student, etc.). She started crying and told me the only thing on her body that felt good was her face. It was the first time I felt like my work really mattered. I have pursued many career avenues since receiving my esthetics license in 2003 in an attempt to find more meaning in my work. Thanks to Laura Cooksey, I have a new found love for what I consider “skin therapy” and am excited (and proud) to be building a clientele after 12 years in the industry.

Amy Rivkind
skin.body.spirit, Portland, OR

I love Face Reality’s mandelic serums for treating acne. They have taken my acne treatments to another level. Most lines are all the same, it’s a one size fits all approach. Not with FR. Treatment is much more customizable to skin and acne type.

Christy Brown
Blooming Skin Care, Bloomington, IN